Spring naar inhoud

Plakkatief #6 Clean party is not a crime

Stickers. Te Voet in de Stad. Foto Hendrik Elie Vanden Abeele

“Ladybird Skatepark”

“Leuven hates racism”

“The Usual Suspects”



“Keep Warm. Burn out the Rich.”


“Chaosbar haat flikken”

“I love Jungle”


“Air Hole”


“Skate or die!”

“Analog. Design Unlikely Futures”

“Religion is Stupid”

“Those aren’t Vans. Get the real thing, get Vans.”

“Din din”

“Moscow Death Brigade”

“Join(t) Us”




“Niemand is illegaal”

“What the fuck is long knuckle?”

“Giraffe Records Leuven”


“Reell DNM”


“Countdown. Profit Card”

“High Time. Peace”

“SLOPE. Boardshop”

“Man I need Vans


‘Nomads. Hemp-wear”

“All different but all together”

“Still not loving police!”

“Clean party is not a crime”

“Save the planet”

“The apple of my eye”

“Make Anarchism”

“Tattooed people do it better!”

“Stick now, work later”

“Tegen nazis”

“Nie wieder faschismus”

“I’m a winner. TBT. 10 years.”

“GAS? Nee bedankt”

“Mucke Fucke Skateboards”

“Gent is wa de max”




“Not that other shit”

“No Gods no masters”



“My dreams are nightmares for politicians”

“Cyclone Records. Ledeberg Belgium”

“Fuck NVA”


Leuven, Diestsestraat, 7 maart 2015, Foto Hendrik Elie Vanden Abeele

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